Eight piece R&B band with Denise Pelley and Tom Starks. Folks familiar with Tom’s projects know this will be an exceptional evening.


For over four decades, the members of Rhythm Nocturne have been playing and performing in various bands throughout North America. This nine piece group has come together for this special evening to bring you R&B and Soul classics from the 60s and 70s. It’s been said that dynamic vocals by Denise Pelley and Al Trudell, a super tight four piece horn section, and a stellar rhythm section that includes Aylmerite Tom Starks are a killer combo.  Bring your boogie shoes, Rhythm Nocturn is going to knock your socks off.
Did you Know
On Baritone Sax; Troy Neeb, Brass and Windwood technician extraordinare, overhauls instuments sent to him worldwide. 
On Trumpet; Ron Walker, most sought after trumpet player in these parts.
On Tenor Sax; Bryan Covey, has Perfect Pitch (enough said).
On Trombone; Peter Hysen, President of Musical Endeavours, a company involved in arranging, orchestrating and transcribing.
On Drums; Pat Crone, Played in a group with Tom week after week for twenty years (they still like each other).
On Bass:Wayne Perdu, Tom’s birthday brother, both born on January 19th.
On Guitar and Vocals: Al Trudell, Toured  Northern States including New York with Tom in a show band, both at the tender age of 19 ( I don’t think parents let their kids do that anymore).
On Vocals; Denise Pelley: In the year 2008 Both Tom and Denise were up for the same Jack Richardson Award (Jazz artist of the year) The good news is Denise won, the other good news is, they’ve been best friends ever since ( Denise has gone on to win many more awards including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002)
On Keyboards: Tom Starks, hoping you have big fun tonight and go ahead and tap your foot.